Chimney Repairs & Removals

Your chimney goes through a lot of stresses and strains, as it is exposed to the full force of mother nature, plus the heating and cooling effects of your home fire. It's important to regularly inspect chimneys for any potential problems or excessive wear and tear. Repairs should be carried out as soon as issues are spotted, to prevent bigger problems further down the line.

Whether your chimney has weather damage or is simply in need of some visual improvements, we have the experience and skills to complete a first class chimney restoration.

SHS Hants can carry out all aspects of chimney maintenance and repair as well as chimney replacement, re-pointing and stack restoration.

Customer Comments

High Standards

In conversation with other people we are always pleased to extol the high standards set by SHS Hants. In particular the quality of their employees.

Customer in Southampton

Completely Trustworthy

We would like to thank them for their politeness and complete trustworthiness.

Customer in Southampton


The team, led by Martin, was outstanding in its dedication to the production of a first class job and in maintaining a high standard of workmanship.

Customer in Eastleigh