Does your property have a problem with damp?

There are a number of signs your home or business may need treatment for damp:

  • Black or white mould marks on walls or furniture
  • Cold and clammy feeling to rooms
  • A musty smell permeating from a room
  • Excess moss growing on the building exterior
  • Constant condensation on windows
  • Water or tide marks on walls or ceilings
  • Paintwork or plaster deteriorating/flaking off
  • Warping or flaking of skirting boards
  • Frames rotting on wooden windowsills

You may see one or many of these symptoms, but they all indicate the presence of damp. It's essential to get the source of the moisture sorted as soon as possible, in order to prevent further damage.

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SHS Hants damp treatment solutions

Our experienced and friendly damp proofing team specialises in investigating and treating your damp issues. The causes of leaks can be identified and resolved, with cost effective treatments applied where necessary.

Where more serious property maintenance is required to protect your property, we will present you with a quote for the recommended options.

To discuss your property needs, give us a call - 0800 046 3555

Customer Comments

High Standards

In conversation with other people we are always pleased to extol the high standards set by SHS Hants. In particular the quality of their employees.

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The team, led by Martin, was outstanding in its dedication to the production of a first class job and in maintaining a high standard of workmanship.

Customer in Eastleigh

Completely Trustworthy

We would like to thank them for their politeness and complete trustworthiness.

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